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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

Indoctrination Podcast - I talk "School" / Odyssey Study Group with Rachel Bernstein

Hello Everybody,

Happy fall ...ish? I guess that we're not quite there, yet. I, personally, love autumn. That's me.

So, I'm posting because I'm so excited to share this interview with you! In the cult-i-verse world, Rachel Bernstein is a household name. She's a highly respected cult recovery expert, marriage and family counselor and cult interventionist.

She's also an excellent interviewer and brilliant podcast hostess. In the style of a truly gifted therapist, she asks thoughtful questions, listens deeply and offers feedback that is right on target. So, whether you are interested in my cautionary tale (it is why I do what I do, after all), or have other reasons to understand cultic misadventures, I hope that this conversation is helpful! Here it is: A Safety Guide for Gentle Souls

More to come on my book, The Gentle Souls Revolution, soon! It's getting close to launching. Btw, I love hummingbirds! That's why the hummingbirds :-)

That's it for today!

Thanks for reading, Esther

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