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GSR Healing Arts
Recovery Through Creativity


​In 2011, I left a secretive, Boston-based mom & pop cult, that called itself "school". After a strange five-year misadventure, I realized that "school" was cult and established a policy: No More Secrets. I wrote, talked, read, listened and researched my way to recovery by happy accident.

When I reclaimed the narrative through my voice, truth contradicted doctrine. Clarity replaced confusion. Freedom replaced a prison of false belief. I returned to my right mind through writing, speaking, and singing. I reclaimed myself and my life through communication, creative expression, and reconnection to community. You can too:  


Reject Silence & Recover Voice: Destructive groups impose control by dictating a narrative, lording over what members can and cannot say. When you refuse the imposed silence and the social control you take back your voice and begin the journey back to full agency.   

Discard Cult Role & Embrace Authentic Identity: Cults control voice and hijack minds through language and story. Each member morphs into a caricature of whatever qualities the cult amplifies. I call this cultic identity theft. When you reclaim your voice, you reconnect to authentic self. 

Reject Isolation and Reconnect to Community: Cults require secrets. Secrets require silence. Secrecy plus silence isolates members from non-members. The us. verses them strategy, paints non-members as inferior, suspect and even evil, wedging between members and non-members. Isolation makes people vulnerable and more easily manipulated. The level of isolation doesn't become clear until you reject it. When you begin to reconnect, those people will help you return to the reality of your life and yourself. 


These are the tools that worked for me. Now my vulnerabilities, needs and passions have become core values, strengths and my moral compass. As a therapist, I will facilitate your process to turn confusion into clarity, uncertainty into confidence, and isolation into community. 

Rate information: 

I take Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. 

Out of pocket rates for cult recovery counseling, as of January 1st, 2022

In office session: $120 for one hour

Remote session: $100 for one hour



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