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Thank you Contributors, for helping us produce the audiobook! 
Chris L, Keith H, Dan T, Ted H, Tiffany W, Erin S, Katherine G, Wendy C, Doug K, Peter L, Florence F, Marie C, Phyllis B, Tom S, Kathy B, Susan L, Charlie W, Cathy M, Jonathan F, Dan F, Caylie K, Teddy H, Debby S, Gerette B, Elena C, Mark S, Ken B, Cathrine M, Dhyana L, Bart S, Phyllis R, Susan & Dino C, Louise M, Carmen A, Susan P, Mom, Judy & Peter, Don, Joyce R!!   

Powerful, honest, and compelling

"Friedman shares the story of her journey into and then out of cult life with honesty and courage. I found the book to be deeply compelling and very well-written. ... I find myself thinking a great day about this book in the weeks since I finished reading it. Highly recommend!"

Informative and inspiring. Loved this book!

"The Gentle Souls Revolution is a fascinating exploration of the insidious nature of cults and the author’s 5-year journey from indoctrination to escape. ... Friedman deftly weaves together her own experience, a well-researched exploration of cult tactics and strategy, and a roadmap for recovery and self-reclamation."

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