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The Gentle Souls Revolution is now available as an audiobook, thanks to generous contributors & narrator, Kim Niemi! Order it from the following audiobook platforms:

NOOK Audiobooks
Google Play

Powerful, honest, and compelling

"Friedman shares the story of her journey into and then out of cult life with honesty and courage. I found the book to be deeply compelling and very well-written. ... I find myself thinking a great day about this book in the weeks since I finished reading it. Highly recommend!"

Informative and inspiring. Loved this book!

"The Gentle Souls Revolution is a fascinating exploration of the insidious nature of cults and the author’s 5-year journey from indoctrination to escape. ... Friedman deftly weaves together her own experience, a well-researched exploration of cult tactics and strategy, and a roadmap for recovery and self-reclamation."

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