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Edu-tainment: Cult Confessions, mini musical

Once upon a time, I met a "friend" who introduced me to her "friend". He invited me to attend a "school". I said, "ok, I'll give this school a try." School policy was "Don't tell anyone; this is private, just for you!" & I complied, until I left. It seemed harmless, at first. It wasn't. Now my creed is No More Secrets.

I decided to speak out & sing out, basically making myself the ex-cult member poster child. By happy accident, when I rejected the cult-imposed silence, I recovered my voice, mind, identity and life. My story has now culminated into, Cult Confessions, the mini-musical -- an edutainment campaign about my 5 years in cult-lite: part public service announcement, part entertainment, part education & counter to shame, stigma & victim blame.  

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