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Listen and download two songs from Esther's forthcoming CD below!

Leaving Shanty Town.mp3Esther Friedman
00:00 / 03:27
Carlos Left Puerto Rico.mp3Esther Friedman
00:00 / 05:50

Listen to both songs above.  Download both for free from Dropbox here!

(Both songs are Copyright 2020 and written by Esther and Produced by Doug Kwartler @ Hollow Body Studios.)

I started writing songs in the mid-nineties after moving to Boston, inspired by buskers who braved street corners and t-stops.

In 1998, a compilation called Respond picked up my song Moon Over The Water. Both the compilation, and my song, received accolades from Billboard Magazine.


Encouraged, I recorded my first CD, Eve's Lament, with producer John Sonntag of Thunder Pumpkin Records in 1999.

Cult Confessions -- the soundtrack to my cultic misadventure -- was produced by Doug Kwartler at Hollow Body Music. 

Stay tuned. I'll be posting my more recent songs, soon ... 

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