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ICSA Book Review, The Contraption (2024): My review of Bart Stewart's insightful novel. His in-depth, nuanced, and engaging page turner about cultic entrapment demonstrates a skill that I call edu-tainment.  

The Influence Continuum-Pod interview (Oct 5, 2023) Chatting with Steve Hassan about reclaiming selfhood through the arts after a cultic misadventure. 

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A Little Bit Culty (Feb 12, 2024) Chatting with Anthony Nippy Ames and Sarah Edmondson about Gentle Souls and my 5-year misadventure in the mom & pop cult called "school". 

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SONGCREATING: (Aug 21, 2023) Steve Robb, interviewed me on his pod, We discussed the inspiration for my song, Some Bridges Should Burn. (3 guesses ;-) ) Steve asked great questions, got more than he bargained for, which made for a super fun conversation!

J'Exit & Cult Recovery - Pod interview, (Aug 6, 2023)

Chatting recovery with Martin Riley, 2nd Generation, former JW, now cult buster. 

Project Hope. (Aug 23, 2023) Chatting Gentle Souls and cultic entrapment with Jennifer French

 Gentle Souls, part 1

Gentle Souls, part 2 

IndoctriNation - A Safety Guide for Gentle Souls (Sept 2, 2022) Rachel Bernstein and I discuss my 5-year misadventure in “school”, Gentle Souls & reclaiming your life.  

I've had many chats with host Kacey - 

12/17/2021: Spencer Schneider, Manhattan Cult Story, discusses “School” NYC . The mysterious corporate headquarters I learned of when I left.  

1/7/22: Round table with Spencer Schneider, OSG Boston vs NYC 

3/11/22: OSG, Boston, March 11, 2022 
Part 1 & Part 2

9/9/23: About my book, The Gentle Souls Revolution

Aug 01, 2022: Spencer Schneider & I discuss OSG with The New York Mystery Machine  hosts, Adam Mace & Christina Marinelli.

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Earlier Articles

My reflections on ICSA’s 2018 Coercive Control Conference 

Boston Voyager Article about my therapy practice, GSR Healing Arts , July 31, 2018:

Free Speech and Cultic Litigation with Attorney Peter Skolnik: ( ICSA Today, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2017, 2-5: )

I interviewed Counselor Skolnik about defending former members against litigious cults. ICSA Today, published it in 2017. 

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