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Have you been told, "You're so emotional!" or “you’re too sensitive” or “you think too much”? Do you wonder, what is wrong with me? Nothing. 

You're not "too sensitive"-- You're sensitive. You don't "think too much"-- You're thoughtful. These proclivities won't, and shouldn't, change.


This cautionary tale from my five-year cultic misadventure illustrates how cults exploit Gentle Souls. Interviews with former members from other cults show that all cult leaders use the same tactics. Apparently, they all went the same Start Your Own Cult summer camp. 

Cults peddle false hope to profit from the vulnerable. While claiming benevolent missions, they perpetrate abuse. This is simply how they operate. Learn the red flags. Protect yourself. survivors, take and customize my recovery template for yourself.


This Revolution is for Gentle Souls. It is about navigating a narcissistic world. You are not defective. There is nothing wrong with you! 

The world needs more empathy, thoughtfulness, and kindness. Those attributes are precious gems in a callous world. Value and protect them & they become your greatest strengths.

That is The Revolution!

Book in Process - stay tuned. 

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