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Praise for A Gentle Souls Revolution... 

"A masterful storyteller, Friedman’s narrative is both instructive and entertaining.  As dark as her experiences are, her humor and 'gentle spirit' reminds us of our humanity.

She steps off the page to teach about cults, coercive control, and the dynamics of power and greed. 


Come away with a better understanding of human nature, the predators who take advantage, and the possibility for renewed strength and independence in recovery.”


Debby Schriver

Executive Director, Keys to Me

President, International Cultic Studies Association

Author of Whispering in Daylight: The Children of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and Their Journey to Freedom

Esther Friedman describes clearly and succinctly how people get involved in cults, why they stay, and how they leave. How destructive groups often subtly seduce and deceive unknowing recruits is revealed in incredible detail. Weaving Lifton's criteria throughout Esther vividly illustrates mind control, what it looks like, and how it works in cult settings. She tells her story creatively and with humor, using the language of cult recovery, a wonderful blend of memoir and cult education!”


Rosanne Henry, 

Cultic Studies Scholar

Professional Counselor

Cult Expert

Co-Author, Cult Recovery: A Clinicians Guide to Working With Former Members and Their Families and Captive Hearts, Captive Minds

“Intelligent, infuriating and downright inspiring...Esther’s memoir about her journey into this Boston branch of an esoteric 'school' expose systematic methods used by nefarious groups to manipulate and coerce." 

Kacey, creator of The Cult Vault podcast

"Friedman does a deep-reckoning with her own cult-escape story and marries it with courage, warmth, wisdom and a scholarly look at everything we can learn from examining the ill-begotten tales of manipulative cults."


--Anna Huckabee Tull, Author, Living the Deeper YES

Master Life Coach, Singer, Songwriter, TedTalk contributor

An incredibly important and unique story that is also a valuable resource for anyone who has survived an abusive relationship, including cults. Friedman’s book had me spellbound. I’m grateful for this brave and highly personal recounting.”

Spencer Schneider, author of Manhattan  Cult Story

"You're so emotional!" “You’re too sensitive.” “You think too much!”  Sound familiar?

Here's a radical notion: There's nothing wrong with you. We need more kindness, sensitivity & thoughtfulness. Those attributes are gifts--not pathologies. Don't change. Protect yourself instead. It is possible ! 

Memoir, research & recovery guide,The Gentle Souls Revolution offers my surreal experience, my post-cult analysis, stories from other cult members & my path to recovery.


Recognize hucksters, protect yourself from exploitation and take back your voice and life! Owning & honoring yourself IS The Revolution! The Gentle Souls Revolution is available in paperback, Kindle and as an audiobookCLICK HERE to BUY!

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