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About Me & The Gentle Souls Revolution

Esther with Mando_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Esther Friedman, licensed mental health counselor, expressive art therapist, songwriter, performer, author and ex-cult member. Welcome to The Gentle Souls Revolution.

In 2006, a cult took advantage of my uncertainty, open mindedness & open-heartedness. It perpetrated what I now call Cultic Identity Theft.  

In 2011, I left. I found my voice by embracing, honoring and protecting those core traits. Telling my story through writing and songwriting saved my sanity. Those vulnerabilities are now my strengths.  

Want to learn more? I discuss my misadventure & philosophy with Rachel Bernstein interview me on her podcast, Indoctrination.

I started GSR, Healing Arts to ...
1) Educate and raise awareness of cults -- recruitment and indoctrination strategies. Learn about my show on the Edu-Tainment page.

2) Facilitate recovery and empowerment through a specific therapeutic approach. Learn about my philosophy on the therapy page.


  • Massachusetts, LMHC

  • Master's in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University

  • Advisory Counsel Member, International Cultic Studies Association 

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