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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

A Lawsuit, Podcasts & Book about Sociopaths

Hi Everyone -

I'm going to keep this one short. This post is an FYI and invitation to explore a few things:

1) As most of you now know, my personal misadventure in a secret mom & pop cult called School inspired GSR, Healing Arts. If you are curious about School read this article: Plaza Denizen Ran 'Secret Cult' Masquerading As Study Group: Suit A lawsuit demanding refunds and compensation for free labor has just been filed. 2) Cult-busting, ex-Nxivm members, Sarah Edmundson and Anthony Ames, have an excellent podcast! Check out A Little Bit Culty! I'll be posting more about specific episodes soon.

3) This book!

In it, author, Harvard professor, and psychologist, Martha Stout cites a chilling statistic: 1 in 25 people operate without conscience. She also tells us how to recognize and protect ourselves from the innately predatory and self serving.

I highly recommend this book if you're struggling with the fallout that comes from trusting the untrustworthy. But if you can't stomach an entire book about sociopaths, I plan to boil down and share pertinent content very soon. That's it for today. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned!

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