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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

2 things: Cult Vault Interview & Live Book Reading, Monday ...

Hi Everyone, I'm excited to share my first podcast interview! I'm officially joining the ranks of ex-cult members, publishing memoirs, to expose cultic exploitation. My book is part memoir, part education, part self-empowerment tips.

Speaker Kacey, podcast host & interviewer, interviewed me for 4 hours! She broke our conversation into two recorded episodes. She kept asking excellent questions, that I kept answering! So, listen on a long drive, or while cleaning the house, or organizing your closet, etc. Here's, Episode 1. Here's, Episode 2. Here's a previous episode about the NYC branch of this cult.

Friendly reminder: this Monday, I'll be joining my fellow cult buster, Gerette Buglion, reading from our respective books. You can join us live, or on Zoom. Please email me at for the Zoom link, or if you live in the Boston area, and would like to join us in real time.

Otherwise, I hope that you're enjoying the weekend! Esther

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