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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

About the Podcast, The Cult Vault & Crowdfunding Update for Audiobook!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Cultic manipulation and coercive control are tricky topics, difficult to explain, hard to understand and easy to judge. I passionately support media outlets that educate and further understanding. Some outlets spout out victim blame, throwing salt in wounds, while granting perps a free pass.

Many former members stay silent because of the shame and blame game. Then cults keep cult-ing on. But those who really get it provide a critical service to society! Kacey, of The Cult Vault, is one of my favorite pod hosts! She listens deeply and gets it quickly. Her innate understanding about the exploitation is spot on. Her pod exposes perpetrators, promotes education and places responsibility squarely on the swindlers. She furthers empowerment and healing, as opposed to slinging blame and pummeling those already struggling.

So, I am posting our many conversations about the Gans/Horn cult (aka, Odyssey Study Group, The Study, School) in chronological order, as a series. If choose this mission, you'll learn a lot about my misadventure. You'll experience Kacey's rare mix of intellectual brilliance, empathy and emotional intelligence. I hope that you find our conversations helpful. Here they are:

CROWDFUNDING UPDATE: My talented friend Kim Niemi has just completed recording an audio version of The Gentle Souls Revolution! It's entering the editing and production phase, and we expect it to be ready in roughly mid-September. Want to pre-order the audio? Click HERE to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. Feeling short on funds right now, but want to help? Share the campaign on social media, or review the book on Amazon or GoodReads.

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