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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

NEWS: Book Release Party/Concert; Review; Latest Pod!

Hey Everyone,

A few things... 1) Live in the Boston area? If yes, please celebrate with me and my fellow authors at a book-release party & concert in Somerville! I'm excited to join with dear friends, the wonderful & talented Janet Feld and Carrie Buddington! And, special guest, musician extraordinaire, Jackie Damsky ! It's FREE! We'd love to have you! Click HERE for more info.

2) When it comes to cult recovery and counseling, Lorna and Bill Goldberg are my personal heroes! They have years of experience and knowledge, and are widely respected. They are both kind, generous, funny and lovely people--bright lights in this dark tunnel of cult crazy. And Lorna reviewed The Gentle Souls Revolution for The International Cultic Studies Association. Thank you, Lorna!

3) I joined Dr. Steven Hassan on his podcast, The Influence Continuum to discuss all things culty.

For those who aren't obsessed with the cultiverse (like me), Steve had a misadventure in The Moonies, as a new college student during the crazy 70s. Sleep deprivation led to a car accident. His family intervened & he's been a cult-buster ever since! His books include, Combating Cult Mind Control, Freedom of Mind, and his most recent project, The Cult of Trump. Listen as we talk about spotting red flags, recovery and the importance of education as a public service.

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