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Audiobook Available; ALBC Podcast & Culty TedTalk!

Updated: Feb 13

1) The Gentle Souls Revolution audiobook is now available: Libro.FM ; Storytel ; NOOK Audiobooks & Chirp. Thank you, Kim Niemi & Jess Herring at Audiobook Empire!

2) Recently, I got to talk all things culty with Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames on their podcast, A Little Bit Culty. If you aren't obsessed with cults (like me) you might not know that Sarah & Nippy busted out & exposed NXVIM. Sarah spoke to the New York Times. They participated in and were featured in the docu-series The Vow. Sarah published her memoir, Scarred. Now cult leader, Keith Raniere, is serving a 120-year imprisonment. I feel honored to be on their bad-ass, cult-busting pod! I'll let you know when that gets posted.

3) Check out Sarah's Ted Talk below! She shares her passion about warning others of cultic dangers, education on spotting potential exploitation, and empowering former members. Some bullet points: All cults ...

  • bait with deception, claiming ownership of fairy dust, cure-all, for struggling people.

  • reel in with "love bombing."

  • isolate members from outsiders, from each other, from themselves.

  • switch with "help" that hurts

  • redefine words to create a pretentious, self-aggrandizing, narrative about the group and its leader.

  • take, take & take: $$$, time, energy, focus & more

Healthy groups: welcome questions; don't expect lifetime membership; respect personal boundaries; don't demand commitment at personal expense.

Thank you for reading!

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