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Gentle Souls Revolution

Welcome to GSR Healing Arts. Have you had a strange experience in a group? Did you find this site researching cults? I understand. In 2006, a "new friend" invited me to a "philosophy group". In 2011, I left a cult.


Daniel Shaw, author of Traumatic Narcissism, offers this formula: bad luck plus timing = recruitment. No one "joins" a cult. Cults lie to potential members  in vulnerable moments. They recruit through deception.


Potential members often fit a profile that I call Gentle Souls: idealistic, thoughtful, kind & intelligent people, who seek meaning & purpose. If you've always been told, " think too much", or " are too sensitive", by well-meaning, but misguided people, you could be a Gentle Soul.

If so, consider this: you don't "
think too much", you are thoughtful. You are not "too sensitive", you are sensitive. Your attributes are gifts, to be treasured. Protect them fiercely. Not everyone deserves your kindness. 

This is the basis for the Gentle Souls Revolution. I formulated it after my misadventure. Now I offer therapy for cult-impacted people, centered on building confidence, trusting self and saying no to manipulators. Cult Confessions, my mini-musical, is a public service announcement, wrapped in entertainment.

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