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Gentle Souls Revolution

Welcome to GSR Healing Arts. Did you find this site researching cults, or narcissistic abuse? I get that. In 2006, a "new friend" introduced me to "other friends." In 2011, I left a cult.


No one joins a cult. Recruiters peddle hope. Cults sell poison. All cult leaders   fabricate an "exclusive wisdom" and pitch it as a cure-all. Enter, the Gentle Soul. 

Gentle Souls can't conceive of the grifter mindset. They believe in human goodness.They seek meaning & purpose.They extend the benefit of the doubt to others. But they tend to doubt themselves. So, Cons target Gentle Souls. 


                    Do others say, "you think too much" or "you're too sensitive"? Are

                    you empathic? Do you often wonder, 'What's wrong with me?' Do                  you wonder if you'll survive this often callous world?


You can do more than surviveYou can thrive by honoring yourself, exactly as you are and protecting your gifts, fiercely. The world needs more of you, but you have to care for yourself, first. 

To learn more about this Revolution, visit the Therapy: GSR, Healing Arts page.

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