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Gentle Souls Revolution

Welcome to GSR Healing Arts. Did you find this site researching cults because of a surreal experience in a group? I understand. In 2006, a "new friend" introduced me to "other friends." In 2011, I left a cult.


Daniel Shaw, author of Traumatic Narcissism, offers this formula for recruitment: bad luck + timing. People don't join cults. Cult recruiters lie. No one would join if they knew the truth.

Gentle Souls, idealistic, thoughtful, kind & intelligent people, who seek meaning & purpose and want to help  others, make good targets. Those who have been told, "you think too much" or "you are too sensitive" all their lives learn to doubt themselves. 

Have you always been empathic and thoughtful? Have you wondered why you can't"toughen up" and if you'll make it in this often cruel world? If so, maybe you are a Gentle Soul.

If so, don't change. There is nothing wrong with you. You don't "think too much", you are thoughtful. You are not "too sensitive", you are sensitive. The world need more of you, not lessTreasure and protect those attributes. People who exploit them don't deserve you. 

After my misadventure, I rejected wrong-headed messages. I accepted my basic nature and started protecting my time and energy. Now I offer therapy for cult-impacted people, centered on building confidence, trusting self, setting boundaries and claiming life.

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