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  • Esther Ruth Friedman

The Cult Vault podcast: 1 cult, 2 branches & 2 cautionary tales

Dear Readers -

I hope that, despite everything, you were able to enjoy your Independence Day, yesterday.

This podcast explains quite a bit about how I stumbled into the accidental career of cult recovery counselor. Like many others, my surreal misadventure in a secret mom & pop cult, led me down this path.

In this episode, CultVault host, Kacey, interviews me with fellow former member, Spencer Schneider. We compare "School NYC" - corporate headquarters - to the poor cousin, its satellite branch in the Boston area. One big lesson about cults: they never look like cults.

"School" is particularly adept at flying under the radar. It lures in intelligent and thoughtful people. Those people become the group's appeal.

Curious? Spencer's fantastic memoir, Manhattan Cult Story, is now available for purchase! It lays out the cult's recruitment and indoctrination process in stark detail. In the meantime, I'm editing my book, The Gentle Souls Revolution, and am determined to release it this year! Fingers crossed!!

I'll be posting more about the release soon. In the meantime, inhale, exhale & lets all claim our freedoms!

Cheers, Esther

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