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GSR podcast interviews and book tour info...  

Updated: Mar 17

Hello first real vacation since before Covid times!! New Orleans & The Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX.

I was gonna forget all cult-related things on this trip. But exciting book-related developments have thwarted me (podcasts, book reviews, and a tour, oh my ;-) When "classmates" left my little cult, the leader would announce, "Those who leave the source, regret it, believe me!" Sigh. Right now, I could be at Whole Foods, recruiting "new friends" while fighting off nausea.

Instead, I'm in Texas, I'm listening to fantastic songs by firelight at night, and enjoying this view by day, my new book in hand.

Last week, I indulged in Nola Jazz, beignets, world-class fish tacos and cocktails. Every cult has a version of you'll-lose-everything-if-you-leave-the-'source' message. Sigh… I’d better get back to “the source,” before I ruin my life. Anyway, here's how I'm ruining my life ...

  • Podcast interview: Project Hope - Interview with Jennifer French last Friday. Posting date tbd.

  • Podcast interview: A Little Bit Culty - Interview scheduled in October! Wait for the word salad!

  • ICSA Today, book review coming! Publication date tbd.

  • Jexit Interview - Interview done. Posting date tbd.

  • The Cult Vault - Interview To be posted, August 8th.

  • Mid-West & Upstate NY Book Tour & ICSA Conference, with Gerette Buglion, author of An Everyday Cult. Live in Cleveland? Join us at Mac's Backs, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on June 27th, 7pm.

  • Documentary Interview: yep, I get to be the cult expert in a film! Imagine that. More to come, soon.

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