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Audiobook News; Documentary; Songwriting Interview & Book Release Save the Date!

Hi Gentle Souls –

The audiobook files for our Revolution are complete, YAY! Once it's paid for, it's available. Here's the funding update: 9 days left to raise $2,300. Yikes! Time to get on it. The good news: we’ve raised $702! The challenge: we've raised $702 ;-) (sigh). I’m not loving crowdfunding (I’ve been whining about it lately--ask my husband, poor guy!) I am proud of this book and Kim narrated it beautifully! So, if you want to help, you can pre-order it for $25. If you want to contribute but are short on funds, there are $1, $5, or $10 options. Sharing the mission with friends, colleagues and family always helps! Here's the link--> GSR Audiobook Fundraiser.

In other news ….

1) Here's a teaser for Over the Moon, a documentary about cult deprogrammer, Keith Musser. In the infamous white van days, he joined the mission to save young adults from cults. I can't wait to hear the entire crazy story! Producer Ted Haynes interviewed me as one of the cult experts, along with the venerable, Pat Ryan of Cult Recovery 101 (Mr Ryan is the most knowledgable cult expert that I know!) We both appear in this teaser!

2)Songwriter & podcast host, Steve Robb, interviewed me on his pod SONGCREATING, We discussed the inspiration for my song, Some Bridges Should Burn. (3 guesses ;-) ) Steve asked great questions, got more than he bargained for, which made for a super fun conversation!

3) SAVE the DATE! Musical Book Release Party! OCT 15th, at The Somerville Armory, with fellow first-time authors, Janet Feld & Carrie Buddington. Also music by the Secret Sauce, my trio with Janet and the wonderful Jackie Damsky! This year, I published The Gentle Souls Revolution, Janet published, Practicing Safe Music, and Carrie published her memoir, Exquisite Torture: Life in a Christian Cult. We've decided to celebrate together! More to come soon... So, that's it for now. Thanks folks, for contributing and reading!

Happy almost fall (my favorite season, especially in New England!)


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